Descendants of Caddo UNKNOWN



In 1803, Larkin Edwards immigrated from Tennessee to Louisiana. On July 1, 1835, Caddo Indians ceded about 1,000,000 acres to the U.S. for $80,000 at the Caddo Agency House, by this treaty the Indians also gave to Larkin Edwards, interpreter and friend, a tract of land (640 acres) who in turn sold the land to 8 men including Capt. Shreve. That later became the site of Shreveport.
(From Jen Reeder)
Louisa Cty, VA Deed Records - Book I
Book: Page: 334, Grantor:William Edwards and Ann his wife, Grantee: Martin Walton, Date: 11-Sep-1797, William Edwards and Ann his wife of Louisa to Martin Walton of same 43 for tract given by commissioners in decree of court to divide lands of John Walton, dec'd. and said William and Ann being legatees to lot #2 containing 48 acres adj. Winston, Peays, and sd. Walton.


Stayed at Eastern Tribe

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